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Resident Evil 2 (Sunday) [SacAnime Winter 2020]

We are delighted to be joined by three of the stars of this amazing update of the classic Capcom game. The game is widely acclaimed as one of the best of it’s genre. Come for a chat with these three stars of the game.

Panel Information:
Panel: Resident Evil 2
Event: SacAnime Winter 2020
Guests: Nick Apostolides, Jolene Andersen & Stephanie Panisello
Date Of Recording: January 5, 2020
Recording Time:

0:00 Intro
02:10 What are your thoughts about all of those Mr. X videos on YouTube with the DMX songs attached?
02:42 If you are thrown into the zombie incident in Raccoon city, how would you think you would fair as yourselves?
03:45 What would be more threatening: A 20 Mr. Xs the size of a duck or one duck sized Mr. X?
05:45 What was the strangest experience you had in a recording session?
08:51 Which is your favorite environment in the game?
11:48 What is your favorite monster in the Resident Evil Franchise?
14:48 What were your experiences so far to get you to this point?
21:12 What is your favorite thing about Ada Wong?
22:48 If you could take any weapon (fictional/non-fictional) into Resident Evil 2, which weapon would you choose?
28:28 What is a role that you want to be in?


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  1. @Kevin Photography My questions: How does a person become a panelist for the panel?,
    Is there a reason why other sacanime panels are uploaded in the sacanime youtube channel?
    I'm assuming you guys can't do livestream or virtual panels because of the cell tower that makes data barely usable.

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