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Resident Evil 2 Cast (Saturday) [SacAnime Winter 2020]

We are delighted to be joined by three of the stars of this amazing update of the classic Capcom game. The game is widely acclaimed as one of the best of it’s genre. Come for a chat with these three stars of the game.

Panel Information:
Panel: Resident Evil 2
Event: SacAnime Winter 2020
Guests: Nick Apostolides, Jolene Andersen & Stephanie Panisello
Date Of Recording: January 4, 2020
Recording Time: 1PM – 2PM

00:00 Intro
06:21 Did you think that the remake would have created a large impact?
09:17 What were your favorite memories while working on Resident Evil 2?
14:27 What inspired you to get into the Resident Evil series?
17:31 Did you have to play or watch any of the original Resident Evil 2?
21:50 How were the scenes motion captured?
23:53 Did you think Resident Evil 2 should have won the video game of the year?
25:46 What was the scariest moment in the game that you ever dealt with?
29:36 What moment hit you the most emotionally and made you connect with your character?
37:29 Who would you like to see your character be played by?


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  1. hey kevin it doesnt let me save the pokemon 4kids cast video to my playlist and nobody can comment on it either please change these 2 things on that video so i can add it to my pokemon fan playlist, thanks keep up the great work

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