What is KevinPhotography.Network?

KevinPhotography.Network is Convention Coverage’s parent operations.

Why don’t you cover (event name here)? / Have you considered covering (event name here)?

We are constantly looking at covering more events in the future, if you have a suggestion please Contact Us with your suggestions.
While some events are reasonable for us to cover, some events will be prohibitive currently due to a number of reasons; including travel or equipment shipping logistics, credential/agreement limitations, forecasted interests by the audience, or cost limitations.

Why is there a delay in the release of some videos? / Why don’t you release all the videos at once? / Why is there a delay in releasing all the videos?

There are a number of reasons why we do not release all the videos immediately:

  • Depending on the agreement with the event, an event may stipulate an embargo for the release of coverage from the event. These embargoes stipulate the length of time after the event before any videos from the event can be released or specify a specific date that videos can be released.
  • To maintain a standard level of production we have, there is time needed after the event to edit the content.
  • To maintain a constant schedule of new content (and to not have a break in releasing new content), new content may be held and released later based on the available supply of content to release.

Have you considered live-streaming from the event/convention?

We had considered operating some form of live stream from events we have an agreement with in the past, but due to a combination of reasons (listed below), we have shelved the idea currently and will revisit the idea in the future when it is more feasible.

  • Hardwired network connectivity at the event is cost prohibitive from operating.
  • Wireless network connectivity is demonstrated to be a technical challenge with the current wireless network technology combined with the estimated load by other users at the event using the same network connectivity.
  • Technical logistics needed to maintain the level of production standards may be deemed too difficult with the current limitations of technical and network availability as well as logistics availability.
  • Based on analytical data from premieres and test streams, estimated viewership numbers from a live stream will not warrant the need to broadcast live from the event.
  • Agreements between the event and our production typically do not define live-streaming from the event currently; and broadcasting the content our production typically covers at the event live may be viewed unfavorably by the event.

I am an event operator and have a question.

Please send us a message using our Contact Us page. When selecting the type of content, select “I am an event operator”.

I have questions not listed above.

Please send us a message using our Contact Us page.

Contact Us: https://conventioncoverage.com/contact-us