Voice Talent Spotlight

With Greg Baldwin, Terry McGovern & Joe Zieja

Join Greg Baldwin, Terry McGovern and Joe Zieja as they look back at their voice acting careers. Listen to their recounts working on voicing the characters you love and how they think voice acting would progress in the future.

0:00 Intro/Opening
1:43 How was the character Wookiee coined?
9:50 How is doing voice overs right now?
16:25 What are your thoughts about the future of voice acting?
19:50 What are the next steps for someone pursuing to become a voice actor?
25:44 What was your favorite moment in an ensemble?
36:24 Was it difficult/emotional having to live up to the original voice actor voicing a character?
39:22 What are your thoughts about the evolution of the fandom?
48:40 Ending/Credits


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