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StocktonCon 2021 Anime Voice Acting Q&A

With Brittney Karbowski, Chris Tergliafera & Laurem Landa

Learn the various techniques to dubbing anime with Brittney Karbowski, Chris Tergliafera and Laurem Landa as they answer questions from the audience on the process and casting to be an anime voice actor.

0:00 Intro/Opening
0:28 What do you do to keep your voice in tune?
6:33 What techniques did you take from voicing for live performances to dubbing for anime?
18:21 Where do you go to learn the various techniques for dubbing?
21:40 What was it like learning from Joan Darling?
25:55 How do you keep track of the various characters you voice straight?
27:34 How do you prepare to adjust your voice for a character?
28:42 What are the first three anime tropes you can think of?

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