Maurice LaMarche [Babscon 2019]

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The Man, the myth, the mouse, the legend. Maurice LaMarche has been the voice of many of your favorite animated characters for over three decades now, including The Brain on Pinky and the Brain; Egon Spengler on The Real Ghostbusters; Chief Quimby on Inspector Gadget; Kif, Calculon and more on Futurama; and literally hundreds more. He’ll sit down in conversation with BABSCon founder, SonyaLynn, for a wide-ranging interview about his life, times, and career.

Panel Information:
Panel: Maurice LaMarche 1-on-1 Interview
Event: Babson 2019
Guests: Maurice LaMarche
Date Of Recording: April 20, 2019
Recording Time: 11:45 AM - 1:30 PM

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