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Yuri On Ice English Voice Actor [SacAnime Summer 2018]

In our first grand reunion of the weekend, on our biggest stage, come hear from this amazing group of voices from Yuri!! On Ice. Will our Special Events room be able to contain the awesomeness? Come and find out.

Panel: Yuri!! On Ice
Event: SacAnime Summer 2018
Guests: Christopher Sabat, Caitlin Glass, Monica Rial, Ian Sinclair, Josh Grelle, Trina Nishimura, Sonny Strait
Date Of Recording: August 31, 2018
Recording Time: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM PST

00:00 Intro
04:59 How did you get involved with Yuri!!! On Ice?
07:36 How has the Yuri!! On Ice dubbing project affect your outlook on figure skating?
15:43 When Yuri!! On Ice first came out, did you expect it to explode in popularity?
16:27 Can you say you love Victor?
17:21 What impact do you think Yuri!! On Ice has on the LGBT community?
20:33 Is there anything you want to change in your past?
24:46 Is there any character that you have voiced that has caused you physical pain?
34:15 Do you agree or disagree that Minami represents the entire Yuri!! On Ice fandom?
35:12 What is your favorite character arc in Yuri!! On Ice?”
38:26 Do you like horror movies?
40:25 Did you become a figure skating fan because of Yuri!! On Ice?
42:59 If you had your own skating routine, what song would you pick for your routine?


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  1. Viktor has the same voice actor as APH Russia from my other favourite anime so it’s really hard not to imagine him talking instead of Viktor. Oh and Mila has the same voice and voice actor as APH Belarus (my favourite anime character ever) so that’s hard to watch too

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