Steve Blum Q&A Panel

With literally hundreds of voice acting credits to his name, veteran voice monkey Steve Blum is known as the voice of “Spike Spiegel” from Cowboy Bebop, “Wolverine” from several incarnations of the X-Men series, “Orochimaru”, “Zabusa” and others from Naruto, “Grayson Hunt” from Bulletstorm, “Vincent Valentine” from Final Fantasy VII, and many other voices.

🔎 Panel Information 🔎️

Panel: Steve Blum
Event: SacAnime Winter 2020
Guests: Steve Blum
Date Of Recording: January 5, 2020
Recording Time: 11AM – 12PM

❓ Questions ❓:

02:26 What was it like to play the voice of Amon from The Legend of Kora?
05:57 Is there one character that you voiced that you would like to switch lives for a day?
07:46 What is your fondest memory of working with Frank Welker and Mark Hamill?
12:59 What type of role has been the most challenging for you?
15:22 With a large catalog of roles that you have been in, has there been a time where you forgot a show that you played a role in?
17:31 How was your time playing as Tank Dempsey?
21:00 What are your favorite roles?
23:35 How was it working on Logic on the album?
28:14 What was it like voicing as Verstael Besithia from Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn?
29:40 Do you have any tips on taking care of your voice properly?

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