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SacAnime Summer 2015: Futurama English Q&A Panel (Sunday)

The English cast of Futurama takes questions from the audience while recounting the days when they were recording for the show.

07:34 What do you do when you don’t get the role you auditioned for?
12:56 Which episode pulled on your heartstring the most or the most memorable?
17:05 How do you know that your voice that you are using is good?
20:06 What was it like to work with John Dimaggio?
24:55 What do you think would have happened if your Futurama characters at an anime convention in the present day?
31:50 How did you feel when the show was cancelled/rebooted?
36:03 What was it like working for Space Jam?
39:17 If FOX came to you all with a renewal to Futurama, will you be willing to do it?
41:59 What were your favorite relationships on the show?
46:09 What was the story of the first role you ever got?
51:01 If given the opportunity, which character would you decide never to touch again?

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