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SacAnime Summer 2015: Futurama English Q&A Panel (Friday)

The English cast of Futurama takes questions from the audience while recounting the days when they were recording for the show.

Questions Asked:
11:06 Do you have any crazy convention stories to share?
14:35 Is recognizability a thing that voice actors try to strive for?
17:19 Do you have any (inaudible) lines or the writers write that for the Three Stooges (Animated)?
18:35 What was it like getting a chance to do the character voices’ again and getting the whole cast together in the Simpsons Season 26, Episode 6 [Simpsorama]?
21:36 What do you felt about working with Rob Paulsen in Pinky and the Brain breakup scene with the Nostalgia Critic?
24:09 Do you like sardines on your pizza?
24:56 what was your favorite moment when you were voicing Ren and Stimpy?
26:18 Do you have any tips on getting the weird voices?
30:05 Have you ever played Dungeons and Dragon or any other tabletop games or is it too much like work?
31:58 What hand do you have in anime? Do you like to watch anime or have you done any voice over roles in an anime?
34:29 What voice is the most taxing voice to do?
38:16 What was your favorite Futurama episode?

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