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SacAnime Summer 2015: Aldnoah.Zero Panel (Friday)

The English cast of Aldnoah.Zero is here at SacAnime and discusses the inside track of working on the English dub of Aldnoah.Zero.

00:01:32 What other anime roles have you played in?
00:03:47 What do you think of the show through the eyes of your own character?
00:08:44 What were moments of the show that you felt that your character wouldn’t care as if they were really challenged?
00:09:40 As a voice actor, are you having a lot of fun playing with the difficult scenes for your character?
00:13:06 Did you have any challenges when recording the show?
00:18:44 When you got casted, how did you find out and what was your reaction?
00:28:45 How did you get into the voice acting business?
00:42:40 Where do you go for voice acting auditions and how do you find one?
00:47:36 Erika Harlacher: In Danganronpa, what was it like playing Kirigirii?
00:49:01 What is your take on the M32 Rotating Grenade Launcher?
00:50:34 How do you be a fan of the original Japanese dub while being one of the cast of the English dub of an anime?
00:53:16 When you are voice acting your characters in their mechs, do you feel like you are also in the mechs?
00:54:55 Max Mittelman: What do you think of eggs?
00:56:09 How do you balance your voice acting and your singing?

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