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SacAnime Summer 2015: Aldnoah.Zero English Cast (Saturday)

The English cast of Aldnoah.Zero is here at SacAnime and discusses the inside track of working on the English dub of Aldnoah.Zero.

Questions asked:
00:01:57 Of all of the classes of voice acting, why anime?
00:05:03 If you weren’t doing anime or voice acting, what would you be doing?
00:06:29 What was your first exposure to anime and what was your favorite anime growing up?
00:12:23 Do you have a favorite mecha anime?
00:16:08 Does becoming a voice actor change the way you see anime now that you become a part of that industry?
00:21:34 Does becoming a voice actor change the way you see your own performance?
00:27:12 Have you finished watching/dubbing the second season of Aldnoah.Zero?
00:30:02 Were there any characters you really wanted to see dead in the first season?
00:30:59 In season 2, do you have to change how you play your character/change your character mentality heavily?
00:33:20 Zach Aguilar: Do you feel that your character’s methods and struggles were justified?
00:34:37 Do you agree with the way your character ended up as at the end of the show?
00:36:35 Erika Harlacher: If Kyoko Kirigiri (from Danganronpa) was real, what type of anime and manga would she like? (Excluding Death Note and Case Closed)
00:37:45 What is the most heartfelt thing a fan has ever said to you?
00:41:35 If you could be any other anime, what would your character be?
00:42:40 Do you think there are any elements of Aldnoah.Zero that are key to Gurren Lagan or Gundam?
00:44:35 Would Aldhoah.Zero ever tie into reality back then?
00:46:09 What was your favorite line from your character?
00:47:50 What is a cool introduction of Aldnoah.Zero?
00:49:24 Erica Lindbeck and Erika Harlacher: How did you get into voice acting for Danganronpa?
00:51:25 How old are you?

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SacAnime Summer 2015: Aldnoah.Zero Panel (Friday)