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Red Dead Redemption II Cast [SacAnime Summer 2019]

Take a trip back to the 1880’s as we welcome a cast reunion from one of the biggest video games of all time. For the first time ever on stage, hear from the voices that brought this franchise to life.

Panel Information:
Panel: Red Dead Redemption 2
Event: SacAnime Summer 2019
Guests: Roger Clark, Rob Weithoff, Steven J. Palmer, Peter Blomquest, Alex McKenna, Curzon Dobell, Gabriel Sloyer & Jim Santangelli
Date Of Recording: June 8, 2019
Recording Time: 1200 PM – 100 PM

Questions and Transcript:

0:00 Intro

[00:00:13.570] – Roger Clark
Hello, everyone, thank you for coming. You guys are awesome. Wow, I don’t think there’s ever. This is the most there’s ever been of us. There hasn’t been this many people since we were working on it. Has there been?
[00:00:29.440] – Peter Blomquest
Nah, that’s right.
[00:00:29.890] – Roger Clark
That’s insane. We were at Philly and there was about half a dozen of us there. But my gosh, it’s so good to see these guys again.
[00:00:45.850] – Audience
Love you Rob.
[00:00:47.560] – Rob Weithoff
Thank you, I love you, too, man. Right on. Thank you. Thank you so much. Really all of you. Thank you so much for having us here. And thank you for coming to this panel. We really appreciate it. We’ve had a great time so far, and I hope that you’re all having a good time. Really cool. Thank you.

1:11 Where’s Gavin?

[00:01:11.560] – Question
[00:01:12.690] – Peter Blomquest
[00:01:13.340] – Curzon Dobell
[00:01:13.780] – Question
I got one question that has been bugging mostly every gamer who played the game. Where’s Gavin?
[00:01:21.340] – Peter Blomquest
Who knows. If you are waiting for an answer. I don’t think it’s going to come.
[00:01:27.160] – Question
And I know I’m not going to get it giving how Rockstar is.
[00:01:30.370] – Roger Clark
Yeah, I mean, you find Bigfoot and you can’t even find Gavin.
[00:01:37.540] – Question
Thank you y’all.
[00:01:38.710] – Roger Clark
Thank you. Thanks very much.
[00:01:43.600] – Rob Weithoff
Sorry could not help.
[00:01:43.600] – Steven J. Palmer
Ahh Gavin.

1:44 Were there any scenes or dialogues that you had to improvise on your own?

[00:01:44.890] – Question
Hi, guys. Hey, I was just wondering for the Red Redemption 2 games. Was there any, like scenes or dialogues that you guys had to improvise on your own? And this can also go for the first game for both Rob and Steve over here?
[00:02:02.710] – Rob Weithoff
Actually, I didn’t do a lot of improvisation [inaudible 00:02:06]. No, I didn’t. I didn’t. The one of the writers is also the owner of the company. So you kind of just; if that’s written, you learn it and then that’s what you say. Although they’re all such cool people, they did give us the freedom if we wanted to. I’m not as quick on my feet as maybe Jim.
[00:02:30.586] – Jim Santangelli
I hear that one [crosstalk 00:02:30].
[00:02:30.820] – Rob Weithoff
Thank you. But. No. No. We got scripts, we learned them and went out there and performed the best we could.
[00:02:41.320] – Question
All right. Cool. Thank you, guys.
[00:02:43.360] – All Panelists
Thank you.

2:49 What was the journey like working on Red Dead Redemption II?

[00:02:50.930] – Question
What was the journey like working on a game like Red Dead Redemption 2?
[00:03:00.120] – Jim Santangelli
As a boy. No. I don’t know. It’s been. It was great.
[00:03:07.080] – Alex McKenna
For us. It was basically a five year process. So, I mean… I can only speak for myself, but I didn’t have the whole script in its entirety. So we were constantly getting little pieces and more information to try to put together this puzzle of what eventually would be the story. And I’ll say… I mean, it was three years in before I really understood who my character was and was going to be. But it was a blast. I mean, I got… We’re a little gang. We love each other. It’s so good to be here and hanging with them. And, yeah. It’s the gift that keeps on giving so far.
[00:03:43.080] – Peter Blomquest
Yeah. I think when it first started out, we didn’t really have a clear idea how massive the game was going to end up being. And I don’t remember when exactly, but there was a certain point, maybe a… Maybe a year and maybe two years in where it suddenly hit me. And I thought, “oh my god, this is this is huge”. The scope of the game. And the story was utterly unexpected and amazing for us to discover that as we were going along. Yeah. That’s good. Thank you.

4:26 If you had to pick a song for your character, what song would it be?

[00:04:26.800] – Question
Hi, guys, my name is Stephanie.
[00:04:28.280] – All Panelists
Hey, Stephanie.
[00:04:31.480] – Question
I’m sorry, I’m still recovering from a cold, so my throat is still kind of sore. Have you guys heard the song Old Town Road by Little Nas X?
[00:04:39.100] – Alex McKenna
[00:04:41.790] – Steven J. Palmer
Who hasn’t?
[00:04:43.890] – Question
You guys know it’s inspired by Red Dead Redemption, and so that leads me to a segue, and that is if you guys had to pick a song for your characters, what song would it be?
[00:04:51.480] – Steven J. Palmer
Oh, wow.
[00:04:54.270] – Roger Clark
By the way, Gabriel does a fantastic rendition of Old Town Road. You got to check it out. You got to check it out on Instagram.
[00:05:02.220] – Question
Can we hear it?
[00:05:03.270] – Roger Clark
Oh, no. Go to Instagram because he didn’t bring his guitar with him now. OK, but he does a fantastic version of and he’s awesome. I’ll answer your question.
[00:05:13.980] – Steven J. Palmer
He needs money first.
[00:05:15.150] – Roger Clark
I like. Don Edwards does this great song written by a… I forget who wrote it. But he does a song called Cyotes, which is an awesome song. And that I listen to that a lot. When I was, for the five long years that I was working as Arthur Morgan when no one else knew what was going on. So, yeah. That song meant a lot to me.
[00:05:37.770] – Jim Santangelli
How does that go?
[00:05:40.780] – Roger Clark
[00:05:41.220] – Jim Santangelli
It’s like (voice humming).
[00:05:43.980] – Roger Clark
Yeah. Yeah. I’m not a very good. People pay me to stop singing, so.
[00:05:52.420] – Jim Santangelli
We didn’t answer your question at all.
[00:05:53.980] – Roger Clark
I did. I answered the question, who one of… [crosstalk 00:05:56]
[00:05:55.900] – Jim Santangelli
That one?
[00:05:56.870] – Roger Clark
What songs did you guys think of?
[00:06:00.220] – Steven J. Palmer
Somebody, please.
[00:06:00.910] – Steven J. Palmer
Well, I think that it for a…
[00:06:03.010] – Rob Weithoff
So when we’re at work, I do construction work when I’m at home and we’ll have a radio play and sometimes and the stations we listen to change here and there or whatever. But every now and then we’ll have a rock station on. And every now and then, Kid Rock will come on in that cowboy song. And I’d like that song. I really do. And then I hear myself singing it out loud and I think; “oh, no, I can’t”. Because everybody at work, of course, makes fun of me because they say, you know, you think you’re a cowboy. So.
[00:06:36.610] – Jim Santangelli
Does anybody know the song Brandy from Looking-Glass? There you go. That’s Pearson song.
[00:06:44.020] – Gabriel Sloyer
I thought Little Nas X. I thought; man, we’re in your music video, so why don’t I just respond? It’s not like doing a cover. It’s kind of like, hey, man, you bit off of our stuff. This is my reply. You’re going to take your horse to the Old Town Road. We built that Old Town Road. So maybe it’s a version of that. My guy would probably be somewhere between Cielito Lindo and there’s a there’s a song that he sings… I don’t know if you guys heard it, but it is kind of romantic. I think of him like the Brad Pitt of the gang. And he sings that song on Heldimore and he goes. He goes. I just think he’s got a broken heart for Mexico.
[00:07:32.040] – Steven J. Palmer
There you go.
[00:07:33.470] – Curzon Dobell
Genuine voice.
[00:07:35.670] – Alex McKenna
I think I’d have a hard time picking just one, but right now I have Rage Against the Machine playing in my head. So I’m going to go with that.
[00:07:46.280] – Peter Blomquest
I think for Micah would just be the static between the stations.
[00:07:59.840] – Steven J. Palmer
I would say for Bill, it would be if I only had a brain from Wizard of Oz.
[00:08:08.570] – Question
All right, thank you.
[00:08:09.980] – All Panelists
Thank you Stephanie.

8:17 Do you find that the duality of Arthur Morgan story make him a stronger/weaker character?

[00:08:17.290] – Question
Hey, how is it going? Mr. Clark, so narratively, do you find that the duality of Arthur Morgan’s story makes him a stronger or weaker character?
[00:08:27.610] – Roger Clark
Oh, that’s a really good question. I know, the duality depends on the player. You know. That’s one of the things that I was trying to be conscious of the whole time that we were doing it. I mean, obviously, there’s somewhat of a through line for his story, but the way he behaves in game is mostly up to you guys, the players. So that dichotomy was something that I struggled to get to terms with. But every once in a while; I kind of overwhelming. I just remind myself, you know, people are complicated and they could do one thing one second and then the next second they could do something that would totally contradict that. But as long as it’s true to their motivations and whatnot, then hopefully you can find some aspect of truth to make it believable. So, yeah. I mean, he starts off; he does some pretty nasty stuff, but he does it through a love and the loyalty to his gang. And they’re the people who are most close to his heart. And then as the story progresses (spoiler, spoiler, spoiler, spoilers) and then he comes face to face with his own mortality. That gives him a different perspective on life, I think. So that lets you get away with some of the facts that his behavior can be quite contradictory. But, you know, it’s. Again, the player. You guys own Arthur Morgan, just as much, if not more than I do, because you are him just as much as I was. You literally play him. So it’s all up to you how he behaves, you know, and I think the fact that you guys seem to appreciate it so much means the world. So thank you. And I hope that answers your question.

10:08 If you can change one part of the story, what would it be?

[00:10:08.220] – Question
The question for the whole panel, if you could change one part of the story, just one small part, to make the ending happy for everyone, what would it be?
[00:10:17.100] – Curzon Dobell
Not do die.
[00:10:17.460] – Roger Clark
I would I would pronounce I would pronounce Comal Driscoll is Callum Mojisko because that’s how you pronounce his fricken name. Speaking as an Irishman. I had a word with Rockstar. They said (that). I said, “That’s not how you pronounce that name”. And they “Rog, Arthur is American just mispronounce it, ok?” I really got me. So for the record, it’s Callum.
[00:10:40.590] – Gabriel Sloyer
I say mine selfishly also. But I mean, I don’t think Caviar would turn. I mean, I’m sorry. I don’t think you would turn on. I know what… I know what I’m talking about.
[00:10:52.110] – Roger Clark
But you.
[00:10:52.870] – Gabriel Sloyer
They look. Yeah, go ahead.
[00:10:53.860] – Roger Clark
Sorry to interrupt, but you notice that scene, you know. Gabriel, I didn’t even know Gabriel did this until ages afterwards. He points gun up.
[00:11:01.540] – Gabriel Sloyer
[00:11:02.040] – Roger Clark
Yeah. He doesn’t want to get anywhere near those guys. And that was an awesome touch man…
[00:11:04.830] – Gabriel Sloyer
I had to fight for that too. They’re like “point it”. I’m like, “ahh that’s my brother. Why would I do it?” So that’s for me.
[00:11:18.140] – Rob Weithoff
Yeah, wow. That’s a really good question. I don’t know I uh [inaudible 00:11:25]. You’re going to have to come back to me. I’ll think of something.
[00:11:31.570] – Question
No pressure.
[00:11:33.160] – Alex McKenna
Yeah, none.
[00:11:34.330] – Jim Santangelli
Get back in line man.
[00:11:37.260] – Alex McKenna
I well, you know. I fair all right. So continuing the journey. Yeah.
[00:11:48.240] – Audience
You’re want to play it, save me.
[00:11:58.070] – Jim Santangelli
I haven’t. OK, maybe like some garlic powder, maybe saffron. That’d be nice, that would have been great for me.
[00:12:08.310] – Curzon Dobell
I’m thinking… I… You know. I wish José had been a bit more assertive with Dutch a little earlier because he seems to listen to me. We’ve known each other a long time. We’re great friends. I think we inspire each other, but I think Jose sees from the very outset what sort of a person Micah is, for instance, and…
[00:12:28.330] – Peter Blomquest
[00:12:28.800] – Curzon Dobell
What? And you know, but Dutch. Dutch is running the gang and Jose allows that to happen, and maybe that’s a minor flaw in Jose’s character. To allow that to continue.
[00:12:49.310] – Peter Blomquest
That’s good. I think that… Um… Uh… Let’s see, I think Micah should go and live with his brother and his sister in law on the ocean. And in… I think California. That’s where his brother and his brother’s wife lives. And he should go there and. Just enjoy life, just take it easy…
[00:13:16.510] – Question
and leave everyone alone.
[00:13:17.770] – Peter Blomquest
Leave everyone alone, maybe take up fishing or something like that, that could be a DLC. It would be really fun.
[00:13:30.370] – Steven J. Palmer
You know, I’ve been with the character of Bill for over ten years now, and as much as I remember seeing it where… I have a lot of sympathy for the character, if you… I’ve tell people who actually are playing the game in chronological order; it’s a really sad story. And Bill is really tragic. So I think in that he has a very sad end. But I think that kind of adds to the overall story. Some stories don’t give you what you want and kind of smack in the face and you have to let them. It still could be passionate, but sometimes it could be negative passionate. In my mind, as far as what I think it Bill’s like Javier, he could have made a left instead of right and could have chosen John and Arthur. In my head I would think if at one point; maybe if, like Abigail had approached Bill and told them, you’re better than this, and as much as you frustrate us, we care about you. I think Bill is his biggest weakness is he’s always seeking approval and he doesn’t feel accepted for maybe many reasons. Maybe when you play the game, maybe some people, maybe have theories as to why that is, and I don’t want to lend to that because I’m going to leave it up to the player. But I think that if at one point Bill truly felt accepted, not just tolerated, he could have chosen a different side in the end.
[00:15:14.660] – Question
Thank you for your time.
[00:15:15.680] – Steven J. Palmer
Thank you.
[00:15:16.520] – Unknown
Thanks, Eric.
[00:15:17.450] – Jim Santangelli
I think a bill therapy DLC would be fun, right? It’s like Bill’s in therapy, and that’s easy answer.

15:30 What would you guys think would be a great idea for a DLC for Red Dead Redemption II?

[00:15:30.140] – Question
Hello. So on the topic of DLC, since Rockstar pattern is to always provide additional content even after the game’s launch, what would you guys think would be a great idea for DLC, for RDR2?
[00:15:41.680] – Roger Clark
No way, man. I’m not answering that question.
[00:15:43.700] – Question
I’m not. To clarify.
[00:15:45.850] – Roger Clark
No… No… Someone is going to cut it. And then it’ll be on YouTube and then all of a sudden “DLC confirmed. Roger Clark said”.
[00:15:51.920] – Question
To clarify, I’m not asking what it is. I’m asking what you would like to see.
[00:15:54.980] – Roger Clark
I know. And it’ll be cut and they’ll put it on YouTube and then it’ll be “DLC confirmed, Roger Clark said”. But to answer your question, the fact that you guys want a DLC is… I mean, thank you. Thank you so much. The fact that you really appreciate it.
[00:16:11.780] – Jim Santangelli
What do you want? What’s the DLC you want?
[00:16:13.790] – Roger Clark
Yeah, what would you like?
[00:16:15.480] – Question
[00:16:17.330] – Jim Santangelli
I asked him.
[00:16:20.360] – Question
My heart is kind of torn between possibly a big foot DLC as well as maybe that weird dinosaur creation coming to life. Wow. I’ve also been part of nightmare [inaudible 00:16:31] whatnot.
[00:16:32.860] – Roger Clark
Yeah. Yeah, cool man. Well, they put out a lot of stuff online now. You know, the beta has been lifted. There’s some really cool missions. Alex is part of it. You know. We get… We get to see Sadie Adler’s husband for a hot minute, you know? So there’s lots of exciting new content being put online. But, yeah, the fact that you guys are shouting out for a DLC, that’s awesome. Thank you so much for your support. The only thing I can guarantee is that Rockstar never failed to surprise. But, you know, that’s all we can say about that.
Thank you.
[00:17:08.730] – Unknown
Thank you. [crosstalk 00:17:08]
[00:17:09.980] – Alex McKenna
And for the record, if they wanted to do it, we would say yes.

17:15 When is the next major update for Red Dead Redemption II?

[00:17:17.480] – Question
Hi. Oh, hi.
[00:17:18.800] – Unknown
[00:17:20.150] – Question
My dad, uncle and I really love Red Dead 2, and the first Red Dead Redemption. So they were both wondering, if you guys can tell me, when the next major update is?
[00:17:35.590] – Rob Weithoff
I don’t… I don’t know.
[00:17:37.120] – Curzon Dobell
We don’t know.
[00:17:38.110] – Rob Weithoff
I don’t think anybody knows.
[00:17:39.580] – Question
Or something along those lines. I don’t know.
[00:17:42.580] – Steven J. Palmer
Just check the website because they had two updates the end of May. And I know they’re going to have more coming. So just check social media, check the RockstarGames.Com and they’ll tell you.
[00:17:51.820] – Jim Santangelli
We’re sorry to disappoint you.
[00:17:55.930] – Unknown
[crosstalk 00:17:56].
[00:17:56.530] – Jim Santangelli
No, we’re not fine. I’m pissed. I’m sure you are, too.
[00:18:04.780] – Question
I surely am. All right. Have a good day.
[00:18:08.650] – Peter Blomquest
Thank you.
[00:18:09.160] – Roger Clark
Thank you.

18:10 Was the second love interest for Arthur supposed to be Charlotte?

[00:18:13.080] – Question
[00:18:13.650] – Peter Blomquest
[00:18:14.550] – Question
How is it doing. Just real quick, I want to say, Peter, I’m a huge fan of Micah. You know, he’s kind of a piece of ……, but…
[00:18:20.550] – Peter Blomquest
Kind of.
[00:18:21.070] – Question
Thought he was an awesome character. And you did great.
[00:18:23.850] – Peter Blomquest
Thank you.
[00:18:24.450] – Question
But I have a question for Roger. Hi again, by the way.
[00:18:27.810] – Roger Clark
[00:18:28.860] – Question
It’s about some cut content. I know that there was originally supposed to be a second love interest for Arthur besides Mary. And, is it Charlotte?
[00:18:38.080] – Roger Clark
Oh, my gosh, I don’t remember her name. Uh.
[00:18:42.130] – Question
Is it the girl that he teaches on how to hunt? In the woods?
[00:18:44.200] – Roger Clark
Oh, oh. No, no, no, no. That. That. That stayed as it was as we did it. Yeah. That was very much, kind of, missed opportunity for Arthur, as is all of his romantic relationships in the game. Yeah, you know. That’s. That’s one of the main focuses of the tragedy of the whole story, I think. But there was some stuff that was caught eventually. You know, when we started the project, I think the writers had a very skeletal structure of how the whole thing was going to be. But as time went by and they saw how different actors were responding to the lines and whatnot, you know. They changed it slightly, how it would flesh out and whatnot. Like, Arthur does have a soft spot in his heart for Abigail, you know; and I think at the beginning of the game, there’s a lot. He’s a little bit pissed with John Marsden because you hear that he went away from camp for about a year. So Arthur’s jealous of John because John has what Arthur lost, you know, and so there’s a little a deep seated kind of jealousy there. You know, and obviously, he’s not going to do anything to compromise the family relationship. But I think, you know, Arthur; deep, deep down, has a subconscious affection for Abigail, you know. It’s one of the reasons why he says he does what he can to make sure that they get some sort of a life at the end. And then, very, very loosely at the beginning, there was another relationship, yeah. But to be honest with you, I don’t have much to say about it because there was so little written about it. Like Isaac, you hear. You only hear about it if you…
[00:20:21.010] – Question
His son right.
[00:20:21.430] – Roger Clark
… go on. Yeah. If you go on that Rains Fall mission and Rains Fall was like Arthur goes opens up about his dead son. And then rains fall says, “hang on a minute, I got to pick some herbs over…” That bit. So that. That initially was kind of incorporated at the very beginning of the story where Arthur had a newborn that froze to death on the way through Colter. But then that got cut.
[00:20:46.610] – Question
Wow. Thank you.
[00:20:47.860] – Roger Clark
No problem.
[00:20:48.370] – Question
Thanks, guys.
[00:20:48.940] – Unknown
Thank you.

20:54 What would John have said when he visited Arthur’s grave?

[00:20:56.090] – Question
Hi. Really enjoy the game, but my question here is for Rob. When John visits Arthur’s grave, I was hoping you would see a few birds, but there is no dialogue. So I was wondering, what would he have said to him?
[00:21:09.650] – Rob Weithoff
Oh, my goodness. I think, you know. There’s no way to thank someone the way that you would want to thank them if they did, for you. What Arthur did for John, I think you would only belittle the situation if you tried to put it into words. So maybe it was something where they did that on purpose. So you would feel that opportunity to be able to share your own thoughts with it? I don’t know. But how could you possibly thank someone for doing so much? You know, John fell in with the gang and he only knew what he knew. He had people that were including him and he felt comfort from that. And he had someone that was teaching him how to read and trying to educate him and all these different ways, but also teaching him how to rob banks and trains. But that’s what he knew. And he didn’t know. I mean, he might have known this is bad. Eventually he realized, “yeah, this is not this doesn’t feel right. I need to get out”. But with so much help from Arthur’s guidance, I think there’s not, there aren’t words that can be spoken to really give the things that would be necessary.
[00:22:31.490] – Question
Thank you.
[00:22:32.330] – Unknown
[00:22:32.960] – Unknown
Thank you.

22:36 What are your opinions on Andrew Milton?

[00:22:38.610] – Question
Hi, how are you guys doing?
[00:22:44.900] – Peter Blomquest
Pinkertons all the way.
[00:22:49.460] – Question
I just want to say thank you for you guys coming down here for SacAnime. I’m happy that all you guys are here.
[00:22:56.240] – Jim Santangelli
Thank you.
[00:22:56.870] – Question
So my question is; the character, Arthur Milton from the Pinkerton agency, what is your guy’s opinion? Do you guys hate him? You guys wanna have a beer with him? You guys want to shoot him? What is your guys’ opinion?
[00:23:10.230] – Roger Clark
He’s a rich man’s toy.
[00:23:19.920] – Rob Weithoff
He’s doing his job.
[00:23:26.790] – Question
Good answer.
[00:23:31.960] – Peter Blomquest
I think he’s a swell guy.
[00:23:35.780] – Question
No, I just want to know.
[00:23:37.210] – Curzon Dobell
From what I’ve heard, those Pinkerton guys can be a little dangerous.
[00:23:40.750] – Question
Are they now?
[00:23:41.710] – Unknown
[00:23:42.940] – Question
I’ve never heard that. They just want money. So. OK, thank you very much.
[00:23:49.360] – Unknown
Thank you.
[00:23:49.990] – Roger Clark
Thank you. Great cosplay.

23:54 What is your favorite character in Red Dead Redemption?

[00:23:55.470] – Question
Hello. Sorry, I drove a long way. So it’s been quite a while. This is a question for the whole panel. I was wondering, beside from your character, what your favorite character in the Red Dead universe is?
[00:24:10.210] – Jim Santangelli
Oh, I see. [inaudible 00:24:10]. I got you.
[00:24:20.800] – Steven J. Palmer
I would have to say in Read Dead 2, I love the trapper because he reminds me of like Robert Shaw from Jaws and I just kind of want to be like… This. I’ve got some pelts could just keep talking because he just… I want to hear about your departed wife. And I think he’s awesome. Oh, you. Oh, I know you wanted to.
[00:24:44.410] – Peter Blomquest
I mad, I wanted trapper. Took mine. Next.
[00:24:52.240] – Jim Santangelli
You’re just going to hear Trapper across the board. It’s just going to be [inaudible 00:24:54].
[00:24:56.440] – Roger Clark
I like Charles Smith. He’s pretty cool.
[00:25:04.600] – Curzon Dobell
I like Lenny a lot. He’s young, he’s keen to learn and he’s just got so much enthusiasm. I think, for the life and for the people around him, he’s a very stimulating guy.
[00:25:22.670] – Jim Santangelli
I don’t know how you can’t love Miss Grimshaw.
[00:25:26.070] – Peter Blomquest
[00:25:26.740] – Steven J. Palmer
[00:25:27.110] – Unknown
[00:25:27.590] – Jim Santangelli
As Pearson, I felt like she was sort of my teammate in the camp. So it was fun to work with her and watch her make a cheese souffle like her.
[00:25:37.940] – Curzon Dobell
Oh, yeah.
[00:25:40.920] – Alex McKenna
I will have to go with a hot air balloon dude, because he called me a delicate flower and I think it’s nice to have a first time for something. Yeah. Talks about me having the vapors. I got a real kick out of that and I’m sorry he didn’t make it.
[00:26:08.240] – Rob Weithoff
It’s so hard to answer this. There were so, so many cool characters and so many cool people that played those characters. I wish; I really wish that we could all. The whole gang could be here, and hopefully someday that will happen. Really. That would be so cool. You would all, you would love all of them. They’re so, so cool. But honestly, my favorite characters got to be Arthur because we shared… Roger and I shared such a unique, I guess, kind of common experience being a playable character. And for me to be able to work with Roger and see how well he did it, if I may say so, and how cool it was to just enjoy working with him, knowing that he’s got so much work to do; and still, is able to stay focused and really do his thing. It was awesome. And yes. And a really cool person in real life, too. So.
[00:27:14.650] – Roger Clark
I learned tons off of you. He was the only one for the only point of reference who kind of knew because I was obviously I’m a huge John Marsden fan and we all loved the previous Red Dead. So he would say to me every once in a while, he said, “you know, you’re going to get pictures of people with tattoos of your face on their leg”. And I am like, no, “I’m not”. He was right. It’s not my face, though. Its Arthur face you know. It’s the resemblance.
[00:27:48.070] – Gabriel Sloyer
John, I think John, I don’t know. I’ve always been a fan of John…
[00:27:51.550] – Roger Clark
[00:27:52.210] – Gabriel Sloyer
I think. Plus, what you see is what you get. He is John, you know what I mean? I showed up the first day. I’m like, oh, what’s going to “I’m going to get a cigarette [inaudible 00:28:05]”. Like what the hell? OK, yeah, I’ll see you, man.
[00:28:15.130] – Rob Weithoff
Bravo Drew.
[00:28:17.760] – Question
Thank you.
[00:28:18.850] – Roger Clark
Thanks for making the way out.

28:24 Peter: What really inspired you to play the villain role?

[00:28:25.800] – Question
Howdy all.
[00:28:26.358] – All Panelists
[00:28:26.790] – Question
First, I’d like to commend all of you for your work; just absolutely love the game. Everybody did such a great job. I love your characters. It gives me such hype to see you guys here. My question is for Mr. Bloomquest. I love your character, but I also hate him. But, you know. Well, why not? My question is, what really inspired you to play the villain role? Try and like, especially with the ease of like your slightly.
[00:28:54.970] – Peter Blomquest
Why are you laughing down there?
[00:28:59.070] – Gabriel Sloyer
What inspired you?
[00:29:03.490] – Peter Blomquest
There wasn’t much of a stretch, let me tell you. Well, actually, it wasn’t. No. You know what? I didn’t specifically draw from any characters. No. Let me finish. The fun thing about playing a villain is that there’s a tremendous amount of freedom in something like that. So to be able to show up at work, basically, and just be an a-hole to everyone.
[00:29:45.810] – Question
I knew that was; what was coming.
[00:29:48.270] – Peter Blomquest
I mean, who wouldn’t want to do that? You know.
[00:29:50.890] – Question
I am a big fan of villains and, man. I got to say, like to commend you again, like. You’re probably the first ever video game villain I’ve actually really despised and really wanted to punch in the face. When I was like I was on the controller and got up on that hill, I was just like, “you”.
[00:30:07.510] – Peter Blomquest
Like, yeah.
[00:30:08.580] – Question
It’s just like that.
[00:30:10.190] – Peter Blomquest
That’s how I felt when I played the game.
[00:30:12.060] – Question
[00:30:13.020] – Peter Blomquest
It was weird.
[00:30:14.730] – Question
Really mad alright?
[00:30:15.870] – Peter Blomquest
Yeah. No, I shot myself in the face, and then I’m in the bathroom and I go “what have I done”, you know, “who’s Micah?” “Who’s Peter?” “I don’t know any more.” Does that answer your question?
[00:30:30.570] – Question
Yeah. That answered it very well. Thank you very much.
[00:30:34.150] – Peter Blomquest
Thank you.

30:40 At which mission in the game would you think the gang was at its most strongest point?

[00:30:41.500] – Question
So I just wanted to say that I’m very honored to be in front of all you guys, and it’s very awesome to see all you guys as one big group. I wish that Dutch was here, but I mean, it’s still good enough. So my question is, at which mission or which mission in the game would you guys say, any of you, where the game was at its most, strongest point?
[00:31:07.340] – Steven J. Palmer
They were strong when they were getting Jack back. You watch that Braithwaite Manor scene and you’re rooting and you’re like, “you shoot every one of those”. Yeah. Braithwaite Manor mission. Get Jack back for me. Yeah.
[00:31:22.580] – Roger Clark
Yeah, absolutely, yeah. And that was towards the end of the shoot, too. So we had the luxury of having worked on the project for so long, we got to know each other as well as our characters did. You know we were literally a gang ourselves and by the time we did that mission, we’re bringing Jack back from Bronté and Gabrielle. That was when he did have his guitar and he did that beautiful rendition of that song. And that was the first time in a while all of us had been together at the same time. And it was awesome. So it wasn’t difficult to act for that one. It was a lot of fun being there together with everyone. So, yeah, definitely that.
[00:32:06.620] – Question
Very cool, thank you.
[00:32:07.471] – Roger Clark
Thank you.

32:12 Roger: Was it difficult maintaining your Arthur voice when you were acting across from the actor playing Sean?

[00:32:14.610] – Question
Hi there already [inaudible 00:32:16]. So, hi again, thank you for wearing that. I see…
[00:32:19.270] – Gabriel Sloyer
This is great. Thank you.
[00:32:20.790] – Question
Of course. Roger, real quick, was it difficult maintaining your Arthur voice when you were acting across from the actor playing Sean?
[00:32:30.990] – Roger Clark
[inaudible 00:32:31], that was. Sean who was played by the wonderful McMellon. Yeah, good question. He’s awesome, and he did a great job. So, no, to answer your question, because I had… By that point, by the time Mick wasn’t the first Sean, you know, again, going back to my earlier question, there was a lot of ways that the story evolved throughout the years and some things would change because the writers and the and the developers realized what did work and what didn’t work. So they would pay attention to what did. And so I think Mick was maybe our second Sean. And by that point, I had pretty… pretty… I kind of knew who Arthur was at that point. So, I was able to go in and out of character with a little more ease because we had done it so much, you know. But it sure was a pleasure working with [inaudible 00:33:25] and it was fantastic. Yeah, he’s in New York now doing on stage; so if you’re, I know it’s the other side of the country, but if you ever have an inkling head on over to the Irish tread where he is treading the boards right now. And. Yeah, to answer your question. No, I was. I can switch in and out of Arthur. All right.
[00:33:44.240] – Question
Thank you so much.
[00:33:44.930] – Unknown
Thank you.

33:50 Did you do some parts of the recording together in a group?

[00:33:52.550] – Question
So I’ve been given the honor of having the last question. So, first of all, thank you guys for like my favorite experience in a video game ever. It’s my favorite video game of all time; and always will be, I think.
[00:34:04.630] – Steven J. Palmer
Thank you.
[00:34:05.280] – Unknown
Thank you.
[00:34:05.650] – Unknown
Thank you.
[00:34:07.500] – Unknown
[00:34:10.460] – Question
And my question was, did you guys, like, do kind of the audio recording together, like as a group for some parts of the game or most of it?
[00:34:20.270] – Roger Clark
Most of it was performance capture, which is an audio recording. It’s like much like what you see Andy Serkis doing when he’s Gollum. For me, I’d say about 85 percent of it was done for via performance capture. And that’s, motion, facial and audio recording all at once. It wasn’t that dissimilar from TV or film, except we’d be wearing Lycra with balls on and a helmet. But all the set, all the props would be dimensionally accurate. And then the animators were so important in that regard because then they would show us, on a computer screen, the actual environment that we were in, you know. And that was invaluable because it taught us to learn how to work within the space and taught us the right questions to ask. Like; “what’s the weather like?” “Is it day?” “Is it night?” And you have to remember; the one of the challenges of performance capture is you have to remember the little details and you have to be aware of where your character actually is, as opposed to being in a studio not dissimilar to this size of room; where the sensors would be suspended from a rigging from the ceiling. Like if you pick up a rock, you know, it’s probably dirty. So you would wipe your hands afterwards. Whereas in the volume, though, you might not think about that. But we learned that and the animators were vital in helping us do that. So most of it was performance capture. Most video games now are being done via performance capture, and it’s a different discipline from voice acting. We still did a lot of voice acting. You know, I’d say maybe 15 percent of my stuff was in the booth. But the majority of it; it’s just like Andy Serkis. It’s a fascinating new medium that’s just going leaps and bounds. And we’re seeing it in film now too. You all saw Josh Brolin as Thanos. He was wearing the same getup that we did. So, yeah, great question and yeah, thanks for asking.
[00:36:17.200] – Question
All right, thank you.
[00:36:18.790] – Unknown
Thank you.
[00:36:22.630] – Moderator
Hold on, everybody. Just one quick announcement at 1:00 p.m. If you want a personal group photo op with this cast at one o’clock in room 319, we’re going to be doing photos. If you want to meet the cast, get an autograph from any of them. There will be at the tables at two o’clock. And, last but not least, let’s give a round of applause for this wonderful cast. We do want one favor from the audience, though. Will everybody help us? We want you to huddle around the stage and we’re going to take a really large group photo. Is that OK? Can you guys huddle around the stage? Thanks, guys. You’re the best.


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  1. I love how basic fans of RDR2 in the comments on videos always says how Arthur is the best character
    But the hardcore fans (the ones who are at this convention) and the actual cast all Love John, I love that!

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