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Overwatch (Sunday) [SacAnime Summer 2018]

Matilda Smedius, Carolina Ravassa & Elise Zhang Go against the Petra Act and come join the voices from Overwatch for an hour of storytelling and questions. Featuring the voices of Brigitte, Sombra and Mei.

Panel: Official Blizzard Overwatch Panel
Event: SacAnime Summer 2018
Guests: Michael Chu, Matilda Smedius, Carolina Ravassa, Elise Zhang
Date Of Recording: September 2, 2018
Recording Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PST

00:00 Intro
04:51 How does it feel to have so many fans come to your table and talk about their passion for the game?
07:39 How has it been to meet some of the voice actors in person?
12:03 What is your personal favorite Overwatch events?
14:38 Is there an ability that you would like to add on to your character?
17:40 What life experience do you feel has been the most helpful in becoming a good voice actor/writing a character story?
23:26 How does it feel to know that there are a lot of fans that care to know who worked on the game?
24:26 How does it feel to be part of Blizzard Entertainment?
29:38 When you are playing as the character you voice, who do you despise versing against?
31:22 How does it feel to have your character be the most controversial character to play with/against?
33:49 What was your initial thoughts about writing a backstory for Hammond?
35:05 What is your first reaction to people claiming that climate change is not real?
36:09 What pizza toppings would your Overwatch character get?
37:24 What kind of television shows would you think the Overwatch characters would watch?
38:34 If you could make an Overwatch animated short for your character, what would it be?
41:27 What goes into planning, writing, and coordinating an Overwatch event and how long does the process take?
43:31 Have you seen any Overwatch fanart?
45:34 Do you have any nicknames for any of the members or talent?
47:07 What advice would you give to people trying to learn a second language?
51:07 If you have the chance to voice another Overwatch character, who would it be?
54:13 What is your favorite character outside of the Overwatch universe?


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  1. Oh my god i loved that part when they were asked what kind of pizza topping their characters would put on a pizza and Mei said: "Pineapple" and then someone shouts " SHE IS SATAN!!! "

    My gosh hahaha xD

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