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Overwatch (Saturday) [SacAnime Winter 2018 – Saturday]

With almost too much talent to fit on one stage, come join the voices from the hit Blizzard video game for what will surely be a wild Q&A session.

Panel: Overwatch Reunion
Guests: Anjali Bhimani, Feodor Chin, Paul Nakauchi, Chris Parson, Josh Petersdorf, Keith Silverstein & Elise Zhang
Event: SacAnime Winter 2018
Date Of Recording: January 6, 2018
Recording Time: 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM PDT

Overwatch, Overwatch logo and its insignia is owned by Blizzard Entertainment. The voices for the Overwatch characters are owned by Blizzard Entertainment. The music for the Overwatch panel is owned by Jay The Tavern Bard and is used with permission from the artist under the convention’s coverage.


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  1. Questions In Order
    What is your favorite voice line?
    What is your favorite voice line for other characters?
    Has there been any opportunities to make up a voice line when recording for Overwatch?
    If you could design your own skin for your character, what would it look like?
    What are the chances of getting your characters in Overwatch to sing?
    What was the most interesting/fun/weird story you had in your career?
    If Blizzard decided to put a story that was playable in the game, how would you like your characters to influence the story further?
    Has Blizzard made any changes to your character that you disliked?
    If you could voice in any video game, what would it be?
    Have you ever used your character’s voice in your daily needs?
    If you could create a voice line for your character that is new, what would it be?
    Can you speak Cantonese?
    Can we hear some of Mei’s Mandarin line in Cantonese?
    What kind of class of heroes would you like to see next or what kind of abilities would you like to see?
    What kind of job would you think it would be cool to have?
    If you could design a highlight intro for your character, what would it be?
    What do you know about Junkrat?
    If you must voice a different character from the Overwatch game, which character would you want to voice?
    What is Mei singing when she is in the winter areas of Nepal?
    What is the best skin for Mei?
    What is your favorite skin for all the characters you voice act for?

  2. I love how Everyone comes in with Overwatch themed stuff and normal shirts but then Paul comes in lookin’ like he’s ready for a fashionista rundown photo shoot

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