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Overwatch (Saturday) [SacAnime Summer 2018]

Go against the Petra Act and come join the voices from Overwatch for an hour of storytelling and questions.

Panel: Official Blizzard Overwatch Panel
Event: SacAnime Summer 2018
Guests: Michael Chu, Matilda Smedius, Carolina Ravassa, Elise Zhang
Date Of Recording: September 1, 2018
Recording Time: 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM PST

00:00 Intro
03:02 What is your favorite part of your hero in Overwatch?
05:48 Has your understanding of your Overwatch character changed since your original understanding of the character?
13:08 How did you end up getting into voice acting for Overwatch?
16:37 Will there be a full length Overwatch animated series?
17:20 What drew you into Sombra In the first place?
18:09 What kind of animal would you think your character would be?
20:58 What do you think your characterΓÇÖs favorite food is?
24:48 Matilda: If you ever considered singing in character as Brigitte?
26:41 Can Genji get submerged in water without short circuiting?
27:50 If you could voice any other Overwatch character, who would you pick and why?
29:26 How did you get the art style in the Overwatch cinematics?
31:29 Out of all of the animals in the animal kingdom, why did you choose a hamster as the next Overwatch character?
33:12 Do you want your characters to interact with Hammond?
35:21 Do you have any shortcuts when getting ready to record for Overwatch?
42:46 Do you play Overwatch and do you play as the character you voice in Overwatch?
46:42 Have you heard other languages of your character?
47:46 How do you feel about the balance of your character in Overwatch?
49:05 How do you feel about your balance leading the story?
50:44 What is your top request to expand in Overwatch?
52:14 What is it like being part of the Blizzard family?
57:26 Is there a chance we can see D. Mon in game?
00:39 If you had to pick a song, what song would represent your character?


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  1. when michael said "sombra is getting played more" and the answer was "i see her all the time" i was like, well if you SEE her the player is doing it wrong lol

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