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One Piece English Voice Actors (With Luci Christian, Colleen Clinkenbeard & Kyle Phillips)

Join English voice actors Luci Christian, Colleen Clinkenbeard & Kyle Phillips as they discuss the the progression over time for the long running anime One Piece as well as take questions from the audience who have watched all of the anime while being at home. Hear behind the scene stories dubbing for the anime as they reminisce all of the episodes they have worked on and pick out episodes that they remembered the most.

0:00 Preview
0:30 Intro/Opening
2:37 If the characters that you voice were in a fight, who would win?
3:56 What is your favorite line or scene?
6:49 What would happen if Sanji met Mineta?
7:34 What do you think about Marco’s hair color change from black to blonde?
9:19 Do you think that Vivi will ever get a Haki or devil fruit?
10:04 What kind of powers would you want to gain from a devil fruit if you were to stumble upon one?
12:32 What is the most sentimental arc you have been a part of?
14:14 Was there any silly Luffy moment that you wanted to smack him on the head?
15:41 Do you find it hard to localize One Piece?
17:56 If there was a zombie apocalypse, which three characters would you pick to be in your circle?
20:13 What would the interaction be between Luffy and Captain Scarlett (from Borderlands)?
21:05 Why are there soo many episodes of One Piece?
23:05 Which arc is your favorite or impacted you the most?
26:13 What era in One Piece did you enjoy voicing Luffy the most?
27:49 Who is your favorite One Piece villain?
29:57 Who would win in a fight, Erza or Zoro?
30:58 What advice would you give to aspiring voice actors?
32:43 If Sanji had a restaurant, what would you order?
33:15 Was there a line that required you to do a couple of takes on?
36:25 What makes Zoro a great swordsman in the crew?
38:25 What is your favorite marine?
39:56 Who is your favorite cast member?
41:49 If you were able to voice act any character in One Piece, who would it be?
43:23 What would you do with the one piece if you found it?

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