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My Hero Academia English Voice Actors [SacAnime Winter 2019]

We are thrilled to offer our attendees another amazing My Hero Academia reunion. Will one stage be able to hold this many amazing voice actors? Come and find out.

Panel: My Hero Academia
Event: SacAnime Winter 2019
Guests: Justin Briner, Brandon McInnis, J. Michael Tatum, Christopher Wehkamp, Eric Vale, Colleen Clinkenbeard & Luci Christian
Date Of Recording: January 5, 2019
Recording Time: 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM PST

Youtube Questions:
00:00 Intro
03:10 What is it about My Hero Academia that is popular in all age ranges?
05:34 If your character were born without quirks, what kind of lives would they live?
08:28 What is a role you have done that you wish more people would know about?
09:46 Colleen Clinkenbeard: Do you voice direct yourself or do you get other voice directors to direct your character?
10:40 What is your favorite scene in My Hero Academia?
13:20 Who is your cutest and cuddliest character other than My Hero Academia?
15:07 J. Michael Tatum: Do you think you are faster than Sonic?
16:48 Which character do you most relate from My Hero Academia?
21:03 Who is your favorite My Hero Academia character beside yourselves?
23:09 How do you deal with self esteem?
30:12 What is your favorite show?
33:44 If you could have a quirk yourselves, what would you want?
38:57 When you are getting ready to voice for a new season, do you research what would happen to your character before recording?
43:50 Do you have any ideas on what would it be like to meet the character you voice?
46:09 What has been the hardest voice line to record?
50:53 J. Michael Tatum and Brandon Mcinnis: What is your ideal wedding?
52:26 Out of all the character you have voiced, who would you want to be in real life?
55:22 Did you have fun voicing for My Hero Academia: Two Heroes?


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  1. I love the first person’s question; really shows that she’s a teacher since she gave enough background and was precise with her question. BTW I’m a teacher and love BNHA for how relatable the show actually is to my profession.

  2. I just fucking realized my friend gave out a question: "Do you think your faster than sonic…?" Now i'm already kinda like, that sounds like my friend then she showed a picture of my other friend that looks like him @[email protected]

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