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Kyle Hebert (Sunday) [SacAnime Summer 2019]

From Pokemon to Dragonball, Kyle has done it all. We are thrilled to have him back. Come for a fun Q&A session and hear from one of the most known voices in anime.

Panel Information:
Panel: Kyle Hebert
Event: SacAnime Summer 2019
Guests: Kyle Hebert
Date Of Recording: June 9, 2019
Recording Time: 2:00 – 3:00 PM

00:00 Intro
36:31 Was the skit with Doug Walker an improvisation or a scripted video?
37:48 Have you narrated people?
39:00 Do you have a side hustle?
41:32 Do you ever miss Radio Disney?
42:13 What have you auditioned for that you wished you got to voice for, but did not get?
44:15 Which character do you like to voice the most?
45:08 Do you record lines without the knowledge of what it is going into?
47:00 Which do you like better; Ballistamon, Dorulumon or Professor Oak?
49:39 If they brought Bleach back, would you do Sosuke Aizen?
50:31 Where do you find casting calls for more character work?
51:30 Can you recall any of your most surprising or difficult roles to play?
55:20 What did you learn from voice acting?
56:16 What was your reaction when you learned that Ryu was announced as a DLC in Super Smash Brothers?

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