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J Michael Tatum [SacAnime Winter 2017]


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  1. Jeez, I started tearing up again just listening to him talk about that scene in Steins;Gate. *uglycrying* No show has wrecked my like that one.

  2. I literally cannot fathom kyouya, France, or Sebastian as straight characters. France and Sebastian are definitely bi (in my imagination theater), and kyouya is almost certainly gay.
    I'm a bi woman and j Michael Tatum is legit one of my celebrity heroes. He's a wonderful, complex, and very human actor who makes me feel confident and validated through his pride and confidence. From what I can determine, J Michael Tatum is a terrific actor and a very authentic human being. ♥️♥️♥️

  3. whoever edited this video and uploaded is a saint! I usually am never able to hear the questions being asked, or see the voice actors very well. great job on the video; thanks a bunch!

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