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Goblin Slayer English Voice Actors with Brad Hawkins & Hayden Daviau (Friday) [SacAnime Winter 2020]

Join two of the stars of this recent anime as they talk about this Funimation series. They will also discuss their individual careers with Brad starting on VR Troopers and going into country music, and Hayden extending her voice success.

Panel Information:
Panel: Goblin Slayer
Event: SacAnime Winter 2020
Guests: Brad Hawkins & Hayden Daviau
Date Of Recording: January 3, 2020
Recording Time: 5PM – 6PM

00:00 Intro
01:59 Which method of slaying the goblins was your favorite?
03:41 What is your favorite outtake?
05:50 What is it like to work on a dark series?
07:42 Why do you think Goblin Slayer never shows his face?
09:22 Do you keep up with the light novel?
12:11 What is it about your character that makes you enjoy playing them?
15:53 If you were a slayer of monsters, what monsters would you slay and what methods would you use?
17:27 How do you get into the mentality of your character?
21:35 Which episode of Goblin Slayer struck you the most?
25:05 Have you seen the comparisons between Goblin Slayer and Berserk?
26:48 Do you have a tip on selling a character or a character’s emotion when voice acting?
30:16 Do you have any favorite comedic moment from Goblin Slayer?
35:58 What Dungeons and Dragons class would you play?
37:20 Is there any other times where you had to do something weird to get the voice needed?


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  1. Very underrated show! It deserves the same recognition as My Hero Academia. Man since January and sadly Summer show got cancelled. Hopefully 2021 gets better!

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