Goblin Slayer English Voice Actors Sunday Q&A Panel

With Brad Hawkins & Hayden Daviau

Join two of the stars of this recent anime as they talk about this Funimation series. They will also discuss their individual careers with Brad starting on VR Troopers and going into country music, and Hayden extending her voice success.

🔎 Panel Information 🔎️

Panel: Goblin Slayer
Event: SacAnime Winter 2020
Guests: Brad Hawkins & Hayden Daviau (@Hayden Daviau)
Date Of Recording: January 5, 2020
Recording Time: 10AM – 11AM

❓ Questions ❓

00:00 Intro
08:28 What is it like to get into the roles for Goblin Slayer?
13:17 What are your thoughts on the upcoming movie, Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown movie?
15:45 What are some of your favorite fantasy series?
18:10 Do you think the first episode of the second season will be as controversial as the first episode of the first season?
20:07 If you were to end up in Goblin Slayer’s party, what class would you be?
21:27 What is the oddest experience you had recoding for Goblin Slayer?
25:41 Have you gotten any souvenirs while you have been out here?
27:48 Has there been anything else in your career that had the same impact as Goblin Slayer?
31:17 Is there a scene that you most enjoyed voicing in Goblin Slayer?

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