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Fairy Tail English Voice Actors [SacAnime Summer 2018]

Come join these three voice actors for a fun hour of stories and possible hear some voices from this Fairy Tail.

Panel: Fairy Tail
Event: SacAnime Summer 2018
Guests: Jason Douglas, Jamie Marchi, Robert McCollum & Brittney Karbowski
Date Of Recording: September 1, 2018
Recording Time: 500 PM – 600 PM PST

00:00 Intro
02:39 What is something people underestimate about voice acting?
05:16 What made you more/less interested to voice your character?
08:43 What was the journey like as a voice actor?
15:25 Who would win in a one on one battle between Luffy (from One Piece) vs Erza (from Fairy Tail)?
16:45 How do you keep the adventure of Fairy Tail going even through other amines are 13-26 episodes long?
19:16 What is your favorite scene?
23:02 If you had a superpower, what would it be?
27:26 What is your favorite line from Fairy Tail?
29:42 If you could voice another Fairy Tail character, who would it be?
31:04 Is there a character from a show that has not been dubbed yet that you want to play?
33:53 What is your favorite celestial spirit?
35:08 If you had to pick a character from Fairy Tail to live with, who would you pick?
38:42 What made you pursue voice acting?
46:52 What was the most emotional scene you recorded in Fairy Tail?
48:07 What would your character’s reaction to Natsu and Lucy having a moment in Dragon Cry?
49:31 What advice would you have to an aspiring voice actor?
50:44 How much takes does it take to make a final cut of a recording?
53:15 Who is your favorite character in all of Fairy Tail?
54:14 How did it feel to dub the episodes of Fairy Tail quickly?
55:16 If you could relate to any character, who would it be?
56:57 If you had to go on a five day travel, who would you travel with from Fairy Tail?


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  1. everyone has so many great stories of how they became voice actors..

    watches anime and claims i will be a voice actor for english dubbed animes
    realises that i have a bad case of stage fright
    thinks of erza and how we can relate
    thinks of people at school who hate me and see me at a panel
    thinks of family and how i hate attention

    ok so this is just dumb

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