Dr. Stone English Voice Actors

With Justin Briner, Josh Grelle, Kristen McGuire & Brandon McInnis

Join Justin Briner (voice of Ginro), Josh Grelle (voice of Kinro), Kristen McGuire (voice of Ruri) and Brandon McInnis (voice of Gen Asagiri) as they discuss having to translate the scientific definitions from Japanese to English in the anime Dr. Stone.

0:00 Preview
0:21 Intro/Opening
2:25 What was the most amazing moment in the show?
4:46 How does the Pig Latin work in the show?
6:40 How many of you read the Dr. Stone manga?
8:29 If you can choose between the ramen or the cola from the show, which one would you pick?
10:36 What is it like voicing the character for the first time?
11:46 What was the most hysterical moment while recording for Dr. Stone?
14:01 What would make you change sides in Dr. Stone?
14:45 How do you think you would fair if you were thrown into the stone world?
16:47 What was your favorite episode to work on/watch?
21:27 What were your feelings going into a show that is based on a scientifically backed story?
26:55 Do you feel like a nerd after voice acting for Dr. Stone?
28:28 How funny was it to hear the English voice of Senku mess up the wordings for the chemical compounds multiple times?
29:07 Who would you want to bring into the stone world with you?
31:26 Should someone get into the show?
32:49 What would be the most entertaining if you were to take any of the characters from Dr. Stone and port them into another anime?
34:14 Which character would you pick to voice act if you had to pick a different character in Dr. Stone?
35:13 Did you learn anything scientifically interesting from working on the show?
36:06 Do you think your character will be on the light/dark side in Star Wars?

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