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Derek Stephen Prince – Everything Digimon [SacAnime Summer 2018]

Fans of Digimon can all come together and talk about their shared experiences. “Steve” has been in every season except for Season 5, and the Tri movies. Toss wild stories back and forth at this Q&A.

Panel: Derek Stephen Prince – Everything Digimon
Event: SacAnime Summer 2018
Guests: Derek Stephen Prince – Everything Digimon
Recording Time: 3:00 AM – 4:00 PM PST

00:00 Intro
04:01 What is your favorite line from the English dub of the Digimon movie?
06:41 Independent of your voice acting, what do you do?
08:04 What was your favorite part about playing Impmon?
21:01 What field of study were you taught in?
22:56 What would your Digimon characters talk about after a long day recording in the bar?
36:51 What is your favorite line when you are Piedmon?
38:25 Who is your favorite character from the Digimon series?
40:40 Did any of the character appearance or drawings influence the way you voiced the character?
45:18 If you could voice any other character in the Digimon universe, who would you want to voice?
47:35 What do you think is the special quality of Digimon that connects to fans so much that lasts for many years?
53:12 Is there any voice actors that you enjoy working with?


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  1. Since Digimon was part of my childhood and early adolescence, I thank Derek Stephen Prince for voicing many characters whom I still remember today. Still got soft spots for the Digimon Emperor, Veemon, and Beelzemon. I wish that all three would return to the franchise somehow.

    Mr. Prince briefly mentioned his alma mater Carnegie Mellon University, which was also where one of my high school classmates attended. I don't know if she watched Digimon growing up, but fingers crossed that she learns about this at some point.

    To Mr. Prince and all Digimon fans, stay digivolving.

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