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Cherami Leigh [Anime Roseville 2019]

Panel Information:
Panel: Cherami Leigh Q&A
Event: Anime Roseville 2019
Guests: Cherami Leigh
Date Of Recording: August 18, 2019
Recording Time: 1:30 – 2:30 PM

00:00 Intro
04:33 If you were to meet Lucy (Fairy Tail), how would the interaction go?
06:48 Are there any voice actor or voice director that you like to work with?
09:39 What is a show/role you have done that you wish more people would know about it?
12:52 Is there any meaningful differences between Los Angeles dubbing and Texas dubbing?
15:57 Out of the three seasons in Sword Art Online, which arc is your favorite in every season?
17:47 Have you driven or own a Ford vehicle?
20:58 What has been your favorite character dub?
23:13 What is your favorite part in the game to voice?
24:27 How much do you like voicing Komaru Naegi from Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls?
28:18 Is there a deep reason why you were not cast in the anime version of Danganronpa?
30:24 Did you ever picked up a foam sword and practiced with it?
35:42 What is it like voicing characters like Uiharu (A Certain Magical Index)?
36:48 If you could not voice Lucy from Fairy Tail, who would you want to voice?
40:25 How long would you think it would take for Asuna (Sword Art Online) to break with Happy (Fairy Tail)?
41:19 How do you feel about Fairy Tail coming to an end?
42:52 What was the first anime you voiced?


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  1. @Kevin Photography I gotta ask do you guys ever tell the people to google other panels from different conventions so they don't ask a question that they been asked already? Another thing is that when someone mentions about the voice actor like their special talent or interviews, do they have to like say the exact link from the article they read, watched or imdb?

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