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Cassandra Lee Morris [Sac-Con 2019]

Panel: Spotlight On Cassandra Lee Morris – Panel
Event: SacAnime Winter 2019
Guests: Cassandra Lee Morris
Date Of Recording: March 17, 2019
Recording Time: 1:00 – 2:00 PM PST

00:00 Intro
02:19 What was it like to be in that episode of Violet Evergarden?
05:41 What is it like to be at conventions and meet fans?
07:50 As a voice actress, is it easy to create the facial motions?
09:07 Do you play any of the games you voice in and what are your thoughts about them?
11:02 What inspired you to get into voice acting the first place?
12:47 Have you played Fortnite?
13:20 What type of media are you consuming lately?
15:15 Have you played any of the Spyro games prior to being casted as Elora?
16:02 Have you been keeping up with the Persona anime?
17:08 Do you play any of the video games you voice in?
17:50 Do you play Fire Emblem Heroes?
18:36 If you were given a chance to voice a new character for Fire Emblem Hero, would you do it?
20:44 Is there role that you personally identify the most?
21:53 What is Aoi Asahina favorite type of donuts?
22:49 What is your favorite moments in Persona and Danganronpa?
24:24 How did you feel voicing the scene in Sword Art Online where Leafa learned who Kirito was?

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