Brittney Karbowski Q&A Panel

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Panel Information:
Panel: Brittney Karbowski
Event: SacAnime Summer 2018
Guests: Brittney Karbowski
Date Of Recording:
Recording Time: 1:00PM – 2:00PM

❓ Questions ❓

1:40 What is a really cool fan story you have?
3:27 How did you make two similar characters sound the same yet unique between each other?
5:46 What was it like playing as Himeko from PaniPoni Dash!?
7:05 What are your opinions on elevators?
8:05 What is your personal favorite anime and your favorite anime that you worked on?
9:55 How did you manage to do the teakettle scream?
11:36 How do you take care of your voice?
13:33 Why do all of the characters you voice have horrible things happen to them?
15:33 How you felt playing Yamada from Yamada’s First Time?
18:22 Of all the characters that you voiced, which one is your most favorite?
20:42 What kind of conversation would Black Star and Wendy (Soul Eater) have if they were in a locked room?
22:13 What is the most likely cause for you to break character in the recording booth?

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