Brianna Knickerbocker Q&A Panel

She’s excited to be voicing Rin in Catherine: Full Body, voiced the one and only waifu of all waifus Rem in Re:Zero, she’s currently working on her first horror short. This is your chance to get all of your burning questions answered.

🔎 Panel Information 🔎️

Panel: Brianna Knickerbocker
Event: SacAnime Winter 2020
Guests: Brianna Knickerbocker
Date Of Recording: January 3, 2020
Recording Time: 7PM – 8PM

❓ Questions ❓

02:18 What was it like voicing Rin?
02:51 What is your favorite alternative costume from Fire Emblem Heroes?
03:15 Do you have any funny or interesting stories that has happened to you in your career?
04:16 What is one seasonal alternative that you would like to see that is not in Fire Emblem Heroes?
04:42 Can you recount the time you were working for Cup Of Tea productions?
05:25 How was it playing the role of Filo?
06:00 What is your favorite Pokémon?
06:38 What is it like meeting all your fans?
07:27 How does it feel to know that Est is a popular character in Fire Emblem Heroes?
08:05 What is it like voicing for Rin from Catherine: Full Body?
08:43 What would you say to yourself at your first audition?
10:58 What is your favorite anime?
11:15 Is there any particular costume that you would think that would be fun to do for Est?
11:52 If you could voice any anime character, what would it be?
13:13 Who is your favorite voice actor/actress?
14:40 Are there any other voice actors that inspire you to become a voice actor?
15:29 What is your favorite costume of Sakra?
16:25 What is your favorite video game?
17:11 What steps did you take to become a voice actor?
18:22 What was it like to play Rem from Re:Zero?
19:28 Why do you play video games?
20:06 Which Japanese voice actor you would like to meet?
20:30 Where there any role that that affected you heavily?
21:41 How do you become an audio technician?
22:32 What is the weirdest direction you have been given by your voice director?
24:55 Which character was it for when the voice director gave you the weirdest direction?
25:47 What made you want to become a voice actor?
27:01 Were you a fan of Harry Potter and which house you were in?
27:43 What was the hardest role you ever played?
28:52 What is your favorite horror movie?
29:51 What was the weirdest line that you ever had to read?
30:33 Are there any websites/software that opened the spectrum to voice acting?
31:24 Did you have to audition for Catherine: Full Body?

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