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My Hero Academia English Cast Mega-Reunion (20+ English Voice Actors)

Long-time fans of My Hero Academia, rejoice! After a year stuck at home and not being able to see each other, the time has finally come, and the actors are here. Join an incredible mega-reunion with the English voice actors for My Hero Academia and hear them talk about their experiences with the show and what it’s like to work on such a popular series! The cast of My Hero Academia reunite to share their favorite moments and what it was like recording the show and answer questions the audience had been holding onto for over a year. Fans of the show will be able to get a better idea of what goes on behind the scenes in the anime.

On this panel, the English voice actors discuss what it has been like since they last met each other and how they have been working remotely since then. Hear their thoughts on the anime and voice acting industry, as well as their favorite moments from MHA. Find out if they have a favorite character, what goes on behind the scenes to make the show possible, and how they would describe the experience working on this iconic anime! Hear how the voice actors answer the hard-hitting questions asked by the audience that have saved up for over a year. Watch this panel discussion to hear all of these answers and more!


0:00 Preview
0:26 Opening/Intro
1:49 How has it been over the past year?
3:21 How long does the anime dubbing process take?
4:59 Who is your favorite cast member?
5:59 Which character would you be sad about if they died?
7:00 What was your motivation to pursue voice acting?
10:50 What is your cutest and cuddliest moment?
14:06 Was there a time when the benefits of being vulnerable while voice acting outweigh the fear of it?
21:18 Second round of cast join the stage
22:09 What was the dynamic you had while recording for Shimoneta?
24:00 Which character is your favorite besides the character you voice?
27:17 Will there be a beach episode?
28:35 Do you think you and/or your character (Shoto Todoroki) should forgive Shoto Todoroki’s father (Enji Todoroki)?
31:32 If Deku was in a musical, what musical would he be in?
32:17 If you can choose your quirk, what quirk would it be?
39:26 Which My Hero Academia character would be casted as if the cast of My Hero Academia was in Hamilton the Musical?
43:43 What is your favorite moment from the show?
47:15 What is your favorite line?
53:25 If you could be any character from My Hero Academia, who would you be?
57:26 What type of content would your characters (from My Hero Academia) make on short-form video sharing sites?
1:01:44 What intrigued you to audition for the role?

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