Convention Coverage

Convention Coverage brings you panels and exhibitions from convention and events ranging from anime to comics to gaming. Working with events in and around the Northern California area, Convention Coverage captures things happening at  the event and bring it to the viewers following the completion of the event.


Convention Coverage On Location brings you even more panels and exhibitions from the convention and events. Utilizing the development by its parent operation (Kevin Photography .Network), Convention Coverage On Location can cover even more events utilizing pre-configured processes, live-to-disk recording, and automated processing of videos to cover even more events from smaller events to fan operated events.


Convention Coverage Bytes brings you the same panel and event coverage, but in a small one to two minute byte chunk for those who do not have the time to watch a full panel. Convention Coverage Bytes pulls out memorable and informative moments from the panels and events.


Convention Coverage Replay re-airs select videos from Convention Coverage and Convention Coverage On Location for streaming services.

Parent Operations

Kevin Photography .Network Logo

Kevin Photography .Network is the parent operations of Convention Coverage. Operating as a research and development wing of the operation, Kevin Photography .Network designs new processes for Convention Coverage to cover more events.